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Welcome to Southdowns Unleashed

We offer a safe and secure sole use areas to exercise, train and most importantly somewhere for you and your dogs to enjoy! The use of our facilities are strictly at your own risk, all visitors MUST read the terms of use, it is accepted that by using the barn or the field that you have read the terms of use. These are clearly displayed at the entrance, around the facilities and on the website.

We are a family run mixed livestock and arable farm in the heart of the Southdowns National Park with a love of the outdoors. We have many working dogs between us so recognised the need for a safe secure training area which led to the construction of our field as a training/exercise area.

The field is a 6’high deer fenced area of approximately 2 acres. There are open areas and a section of trees and bushes in the middle which allow unrestricted play through a range of environments. This setup also lends its self to training activities whether it be basic obedience and recall to advanced gun-dog training. There is a picnic bench, a shelter with good visibility and dog water available. There is a small selection of agility equipment will be available to use soon.

The large barn is fully astro-turfed with a small selection of agility equipment and a ball pit. It is fully lit and with good ventilation making it perfect for use at any time of day whatever the weather.

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Here at Southdowns Unleashed, unlike some similar premises you are welcome you to bring your trainer/behaviourists along with you.

So why not bring a picnic and the family or a group of like-minded friends and enjoy your time in the beautiful surroundings?

We are proud to be suppliers of Nutriment pet food. Please contact Megan if you would like any information or to place an order. https://www.facebook.com/southdownsunleashed/?ref=settings

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